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Boracay Island Philippines

Pictured above is the famous white sand beach of the world famous Boracay Island, for which many songs have been written about over the years. Boracay is more than just a small tropical island in the western Visayas region of the Philippines with powder soft white sand beach that lays quietly along it's western shore, it's an island paradise where people from all walks of life come to forget about their daily strife, if not for just a little while.

Boracay Beach Station 2This may be why so many people, after visiting the island of Boracay have chosen to write a song about it, I cannot think of another tropical island anywhere, not Thailand, the Bahamas, other than maybe Hawaii, that a single island has had so many songs written about it, in fact there have bee over fourteen (14) songs written to date.

If you have not vacationed on Boracay, then you may not really understand the attraction or the allure that is island seems to hold over people once they have visited here. For those who have stayed here on Boracay either for a vacation, holiday or even for a business trip, all seem to have one thing in common, and it's that they want to return just as quickly as possible.

So who are the people that wrote songs about Boracay, well a couple of them are local musicians who live on the island of Boracay, like Ferns Tosco and Armand TJ, and so for them writing a song about Boracay was really a way of expressing there true passion for their home, as-well-as wanting to share their enthusiasm and love for Boracay with tourist and the world. Others who have written songs about Boracay include actors like Carlos Agassi, and regular tourist who came for a visit, fell in love with the island life that Boracay offers, then they decided to write a song to express their feelings for this magical place in the Sulu sea.

Rick St. John in the Recording Studio with Boracay GoRick St. John, with his wife own and operate WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Pasig City, Manila. Rick first visited the Philippines in 2003, and shortly thereafter traveled to Boracay Island, this was at a time when the pump-boat would take you from Caticlan town jetty port across the Tabon strait and drop you along the now famous white sand beach of Boracay.

The entire trip was quite romantic, there was a certain old-world feel about it, the infrastructure was very rudimentary which in itself was exciting. Back then it was all about the adventure, and so it was from this trip to Boracay back in 2005 that Rick decided to write a song about his own personal experience with this wonderful paradise island called Boracay.

In 2012 Rick wrote the song Boracay Go, using lyrics in the song that had been about his own personal experience. At that time Boracay was really just a vacation destination, people were not really building homes there, the way the are today. So for Rick, Boracay was a place where friends went to have fun, drink beer, look a the beautiful girls walking around in bikinis and in general just to relax, kick-back and enjoy life. Rick recorded the song Boracay Go in 2013 with Robbie Grande of the CB Room Recording Studio in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines. Today our song Boracay Go is used to help market our website for Boracay packages, which can be found at, 

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